Wild Son


In the second rhythm of the 5Rhythms® Movement Meditation Practice, Staccato, we encounter the masculine aspect to balance the feminine aspect we encountered in Flow.

This masculine aspect has three archetypes. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Now, indeed, we are not talking about the Catholic or Protestant Church. Gabrielle Roth was clear that these powers are aspects of our human psyche.

Father is the protective energy, that knows how to set limits and draw boundaries.  This aspect is also responsible for many things including building stuff, like houses and go-carts or sweat lodges to corporations.  Father energy is solid and stable – generative.

Wild Son is the James Dean of the family, the rebel the limit tester.  The Wild Son aspect of ourselves takes risks and has passion for many things, including going-for-it and living out our dreams.  Without it…well?

The Holy Spirit aspect is the seeker of truth and has the wisdom to know things from a galactic position in the cosmos.  This aspect is engaged with our purpose on the planet and anchored deeply in the universal ocean of mother earth.

Last week we explored the physical aspects of the Father archetype. This week we will explore the physical aspects of the Wild Son.  The Wild Son is the aspect of ourselves that desires and breaks free from the solidity of the wiser Father energy.  We will explore the passion that fuels the Wild Son energy in us as we add breath into our movements to burn away constricting energy that holds us back.  Wild Son is the bridge that connects our blood red reality-based lives with the non-reality based mystical realms of divine energy.  As Bill Plotkin says in his book Wild Mind, “because the Wild One has always known the world is far more enchanted than has yet been discovered,”  the bridge,  in my imagination builds toward the center of our body and is welded solidly to the ferocious heart.

The hormonally-fired Wild Son creates so much drama that we often don’t know where to look to solve our problems.  Enter the rebel and the trickster and the patriarchal authority is reduced to confusion, often looking for grounding in the mature.  Wild Son shakes up our cognitive-heads and follows the emotional-heart.

To allow the Wild Son to come out to play, I imagine, takes plenty of courage.  To uproot stoic Father and move untethered in the world is an action only the fearless would do – and the emotionally brutal truth-telling Wild Son is the fearless archetype of this holy trinity.  Wild Son connects us all in an unpredictable and authentic way, creating unforgettably robust and soulful relationships.     See you on the dance floor.


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