The shadow of Staccato

In our 5rhythms® moving meditation waves class last Tuesday we explored the shadow in the rhythm of Staccato. There is a lot of mystery around this masculine energy often being thought of as controlling, dominate, violent or overtly sexual to name a few. So as we practice and explore these energies in our dance at the studio, we build awareness as to how they show up in our lived-experience. As we practice, we can begin to express ourselves with clarity, being focused, disciplined, organized, protective, supportive and safe. We organize ourselves around our moving center having consistent, clear and healthy boundaries over time.

In the purity of this energy, we don’t hold back or repress our authentic selves but engage the word in a full-hearted manner. When the masculine energy is contained or repressed/suppressed it begins to build up and leak out sideways and operate in a rigid manner being edgy, eruptive and jittery. Being able to identify these shadow energies when they arise is the first step in finding
and staying connected to our moving center.

Scotty ExpressesI wanted to say thanks to those who joined me in this investigation of the shadow of Staccato. This moving meditation and expressive arts practice we call the 5rhythms® is a great way to explore the unconscious and sometimes delicate places we call shadow. Practicing and playing in these realms brings awareness to these sometimes dark and dusty corners of our lives. The awareness we generate gives us a choice in our full-hearted expression.

Thanks for risking.


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