The Shadow of Chaos


I would like to share some thoughts with you about the moving meditation practice of the 5Rhythms®.  This next class will be on the shadow of the rhythm of chaos.  Chaos is a big rhythm and big energy.  It is also a place where big change can happen, if we are open to it.

The journey we go on when we enter into the practice of chaos is integration if fluidity and focus.  We enter into the realm of intuition by practicing letting go or completely surrendering to the natural movements evoked the rhythms of chaos.  In this mindfulness meditation practice we release our head to the feet to be grounded through the body, we allow our hands, arms, head and shoulders to hang loose ready to “go with” the natural movements created by the fusion of the previous rhythms flow and staccato.

The purpose of chaos is to shake loose, or disorganize the old out-worn habits and patterns, and as Gabrielle Roth says in her book Sweat Your Prayers, “surrender to the mad currents…and move them, help them birth a new shape or form from somewhere deep down under.”  The practice of chaos is like an expressive arts process called decentering, where we begin to see our dance, as in our life, in a new and different light.  It opens us up for a shift away from our established positions and experiences, giving us a new perspective as well as new resources and possibilities.

So, in chaos, we give up controlling what we “think” our body needs to be doing and release our minds to our feet.  The feet are our “safe anchorage” as we explore moving in ways that we are not used to.

When we notice that we are moving in ways that we “think” look good.  We enter into the shadow of chaos.  We begin to take control instead of allowing our natural and authentic selves to emerge.  In our 5Rhythms® practice of chaos we consciously explore integrating the natural rhythms of the whole body bringing awareness to areas where we are “out of control” or “controlling”.  The difference between not controlling and being out of control is plain for anyone to see.  When we control, we begin to be out of control.  We also stay in the same habits and patterns.  Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I would love for you to join us and experience this directly.  I teach bi-weekly at Presence Studio in downtown Bellingham.

See you on the dance floor.



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