The Medicine of Chaos – Finding the space between

Chaos teaches us how to let go and how to move in the unknown. As Gabrielle Roth’s says – Chaos is this unknown place we enter – like when we fall in love – it is an undiscovered Country each and every time we do it. It’s the kind of love that is unpredictable and as I quote the movie Shakespeare in Love “A love that overthrows life, unbitable, ungovernable – like a riot in the heart and nothing to be done come ruin or rapture.”  Chaos

This love and all our artistic inspirations come from this creative reservoir and gets activated when we make space for it. So, in Chaos, when we let go, release and empty out everything that gets in the way of our intuition, we dive into and surrender the logical mind and get in touch with our intuitive-mind, our wild-heart-mind and gut-mind.   This emptiness created, houses our spontaneity, creativity, our whim-cycle, impulsive and inspirational selves.

So the goal is to stop controlling and let this energy move freely though our bodies.

Gabrielle liked to say that we are cruising emptiness – which means moving through life with fluidity and without attachment.

Emptiness – All great art comes from this place.  All great dances come from this place. We disappear in the dance and only the dance remains.  — G. Roth —

So, I imagine, as we add fluidity to our Chaos dance we cruise emptiness, the in-between space that does not block us from being fully connected to everything around us – especially our intuition or our knowing selves.  Witches and magicians know something about this place of “in-between” everything. It is what they work with in their magic and it is what, I imagine, we dancers activate when we sweat our prayers.  As we arrive in the dance we come with a lot of stuff to take up this empty space. The job we have is to empty out what is not essential. I don’t know if this empty space might be considered part the the universe – this dark space in between everything in our inner worlds, that all matter is made of.  What I do know is that when I dance and empty out I feel lighter, things seem to flow easier around me and my days seem more spacious.


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