Stay Grounded, Stay Still and Create

Stay Grounded,Stay Still and Create

With all that is going on in the world I find myself using more ways to reduce the anxiety and fear surrounding the Covid-19 Virus. It has affected all of us in many different ways, with a lot of worry about what’s next. It could be some time before we are able to be comfortable and live life the way we are accustomed.

What I have found useful: (not in any particular order)

Daily Meditation (quieting your mind)
Listening to Music and Dancing if I choose to (subscribe to Pandora)
Frequent Walks Outside (perhaps just to the sidewalk)
Staying in my PJ’s All Day (it’s okay for walks outside to the sidewalk)
Carving out Space in your home to be Creative (to fix, sew or other projects)
Drawing in your Creative Space (Doodles are great way to stay mindful)
Mindful Eating (regular times to snack and eat)
Consistent time to Bed and to Awaken
Frequent Hot liquids (favorite non-caffeinated tea)
Limit Exposure to NEWS (once in the AM and once in the PM, 10 min. max)
Read a novel for the simple pleasure of it
Tending the Garden
Stay Connected with others via phone or internet (do distant socializing)

It is my hope you will find a few of these useful.

Take good care,

Scotty Lewis, MA, CHT, SUDPT | Hakomi Psychotherapy | Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher | Expressive Arts Teacher and Counselor | Bellingham | WA | 98225 | | 408-472-1496 |

If you are struggling with this crisis and would benefit from one on one counseling, I am offering a reduced rate at this time with a free 15 minute consult using telehealth, video or phone.

The offering:
Hakomi, a Mindfulness-Based Somatic Psychotherapy modality that is gentle, non-judgmental, and compassionate; a form of assisted self-study where you can study responses to explorations in a mindful state of consciousness. We become aware and touch upon the very organizing experiences that have been a part of habitual life patterns, and discover new ways to deal with life’s stressors. We increase clarity, creativity, confidence and awareness and break through obstacles towards ease, connection and vitality. We find creative ways to stay grounded and still, comfortable in mind and body.

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