Out of the Pause


What motivates you? What are you longing for?
I invite you to: Out of the Pause – a unique class series about the nature and meaning of inspiration and initiative. How do leading innovators, creators and wise thinkers of our time do what they do. When the need for change and inspiration arises we have the unique opportunity to respond to that need by calling on the body to deliver a message stirring us to renewed purpose and calling. Utilizing the 5Rhythms® Movement Practice, Mindfulness Techniques and Expressive Arts Therapies we will explore the nature and purpose of the Pause. We will discover new directions, inspired motivation and new meaning in beginning again. We will ignite our imagination and fuel our desire for healing and growth finding balance and renewal along the way. Our investigation is grounded in the body as we activate inner resources of creativity, awareness and embodied expression. Start over, redo it, begin again, do it differently, begin anew or fresh all lead back to the source. Through our Dances, Drawings, Writings and Enactments we will touch upon this source and be inspired in our endeavors.

Begins Tuesdays, August 16th 6:30-8:30pm
Firehouse Performing Arts Center
1314 Harris Ave. Bellingham, WA 98225
Drop-in $12
More info Scotty@ScottyLewis.com