Individual Sessions

Hakomi & Expressive Arts Therapy Sessions


Hakomi (Hah-co-me) is Hopi Indian word meaning,  “How do you stand in relation to these many realms?”

Hakomi is a psychotherapy modality that is gentle, non-judgmental, and compassionate; a form of assisted self-study where the client studies his or her responses to experiments in a mindful state of consciousness.

We become aware and touch upon the very organizing experiences that have been a part of our habitual life – the patterns that no long serve us.  The experiments or explorations are intuitively born out of the attuned relationship between the therapist and client. We begin to examine the wide-ranging beliefs that lie below the level of conscious choosing, that have conditioned our perceptions and responses to the world around us. We gently revisit these experiences, offering release from and the relaxing of long held beliefs. We hold in compassion and nourish these tender places, becoming stronger and more at ease within ourselves and those around us.

In ordinary consciousness we tell the story; in mindful awareness, we watch the experience of the story unfold in the present moment, through changes in body sensation, movement sensory perception, emotion and thought.

——–Pt Ogden, et al., Trauma and the Body———

I utilize Hakomi techniques and integrate Hakomi principles in my practice as I continue to deepen my skill-set of somatic modalities.   I am confident you will find them nourishing and healing.

Nothing else matters half so much

To reassure one another,

                                                          To answer each other.                   Lor

                                          Everyone has, inside himself

                                             – what shall I call it?

A piece of good news!

——-Ugo Betti – Body-Centered Psychotherapy, by Ron Kurtz——-


Expressive Arts

“The ability to live life fully and expressively in the present, to develop a mature relationship with the past, and ‘dance with’ the pull of opposite forces within and around us is essential to the art and craft of life.”

~ Daria Halprin

I teach creativity and embodied expression and offer individual counseling sessions using Movement-Based Expressive Arts.  As a graduate of the Tamalpa Institute with an MA in Expressive Arts from Lesley University, I work with clients using the Tamalpa Life/Art Process. This process is a somatic and expressive arts therapy approach focusing on the potential generated by movement and artistic expression through which the client experiences learning and change.

This approach not only offers the opportunity for clients to become embodied, it provides a way to bridge inside the creative and or therapeutic encounter with the outside physical expression.  All fields of application are self-regulated and supervised, not state-licensed professions offering unique clients the support they need.

Somatic exploration of inner worlds and personal narratives

In these sessions we use movement, drawing, writing, and performance enactment to explore places of life struggle and challenge as we access inner resources that allow us to become more whole and alive.

Woman drawing

Creativity and awareness resource-building

By using expressive arts tools, we expand our range of play, creativity, and somatic awareness. By moving the body within the expressive arts container, we resource somatically to activate and energize our personal material so that we can work with it creatively.