More about what we do in Expressive Arts

If you’re curious about expressive arts and would like to know more about what other teachers say about it, the following is an short description of another Tamalpa graduate.

MovementBased Expressive Arts is the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®

The Tamalpa Life/Art Process is a somatic and expressive arts therapy approach. The soma – or our body of experiences – contains our whole life. It is the vessel of our consciousness, where the physical body, emotions and imagination interconnect.

As you enter the realm of movement and expressive arts, the themes and patterns or your life are revealed. In other words, as you work with art, or creatively, you are also working on some aspect of your life; to a certain extent, artwork is also life work. From this perspective, art is inextricably connected to life and this fundamental connection is put to good use as the Tamalpa Life/Art Process guides you into change, learning and healing.

We work with the potential generated by movement and artistic expression through which we experience learning and change. This process leads us to new resources and greater possibilities; exploring movements and expanding our creativity translate into a broader repertoire of emotions and mental imagery as our whole person is involved.

Movement itself is a revealing language. it’s a precious tool for anyone striving to reach their maximum potential. A deep experience in movement can open the door to the emotional and imaginal dimensions of the body. Being fully aware as you experience a movement can have an impact on the whole of the psychic phenomena that make up your personality.

For many of us, movement means ‘daily habits’ and is shaped by what we need to do. But when we pay close attention, when we sense our movements as a utilitarian means to an end (eg: I want to grab X, so I reach out my arm) – we may also perceive it energetically and hear its hidden message, even as we perform the movement.

Movement is a key to the door of self-revelation. If it is the body’s first ‘language’, then dance takes things further, as it combines body, emotions and imagination… all in motion.

Through Tamalpa Life/Art Process, you are invited to ask yourself: If your body could speak, what would it say?

We use Movement, Voice and Sound, Drawing, Dialogue, Improvisation and Reflection.

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