Of Nurture and Ground

For the past three weeks we have immersed ourselves in the  realm of Staccato.

 “The rhythms, when I first identified and named them, turned out to be much more than a way to work out my body. They became a way to work out my soul – to sensitize my intuition, stretch my imagination and tap new levels of inspiration that I had never dreamed existed.”             —–Gabrielle Roth, Sweat Your Prayers——-

Circling back to the Rhythm of Flowing, yes I did introduce these out of order; we will look at the feminine aspects of nurture, entice and balance. This week we shall begin with the physical expression of the nurture.

Now, many of you may ask, how I can possibly understand the deep feminine aspects of nurture? According to Roth, this energy is present in both men and women and is expressed in our everyday life, as well as on the dance floor.

For example, this feminine energy expresses itself in our ability to nurture  and tend others. This feminine energy also knows how to “take things in”  and to receive them – being the receptive aspect. But it also knows something about making sure everyone is comfortable and at ease. This feminine energy has an intuitive sense of things and can move fluidly throughout sensing and holding tenderly what is present.

It is the bowl I eat my soup out of and an entrance way towards the energy that holds many characters embodying various qualities. Each of us has to identify these characters and the qualities for ourselves.   How does the feminine aspect of nurture show up in your life?

As for me, I have a specific muscle memory of nurture – holding my infant son Aeron when he needed calming and nurturing. At 2am, calling in the nurturing energy, I seemed to be the only one (for nine months) who could soothe his screaming body as I swayed from side to side. Accessing this energy today is as easy as holding another infant in my arms or even a sack of potatoes in the similar position. My body begins to sway in the similar way as I did over 25 years ago as I fed and nurtured my infant son.

Today the feminine aspect of nurture shows up in my life as a nester, forever wanting my home to be more comfortable for my family and friends. I feel the soothing energy when I first step under a warm shower. It shows up as I bake my own gluten free bread and hold the neighbors purring cat on my lap.

Write me back and tell me your story of nurture and how it shows up in your life.


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