Sweat Your Prayers is a gathering of community to practice the universal rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness in a continuous wave of free spirited dance connecting to the sacredness of oneself and another.

It is a deep medicine journey, a journey of sweat, blood and bones – nothing less than an intimate affair with ourselves.” —–Gabrielle Roth——–

 “To sweat is to pray, to make an offering of your innermost self.” (Roth, 1997)

Sweat Your Prayers – Beginning November 8th, 2018

Firehouse Performing Arts Center,

1314 Harris Ave. Bellingham, WA

The 5Rhythms® is a dynamic movement practice.  It is a practice of being in your body in a way that ignites creativity, connection and community.  When we practice Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness we become more embodied.  When we are embodied we become rooted, grounded and balanced in the full expression of our life experience.  We are more present and able to be with “what is.”  When we are present, we are more aware.  When we are aware, we can make better choices about how we respond to life around us.

The 5Rhythms® is a moving meditation and thus a mindfulness meditation practice.  We practice conscious movement on purpose, without judgment intending to be more embodied in our physical expression.

We trust the healing and provocative powers at the heart of the creative process.

As we dance we discover something about ourselves.  We discover new resources of creativity, awareness and embodied expression.

Scotty Lewis is a 5Rhythms® Certified Teacher and Hakomi Therapist, in training. He holds a Master of Arts Degree in Movement-Based Expressive Arts from Lesley University where he studied the psychology of the expressive body, somatics, movement, and mindfulness meditation practices.  He now offers private sessions and workshops using these modalities addressing many issues while enlivening the whole person. Scotty is honored for his relaxed person-centered approach allowing students and clients to come to the work at their own pace.



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    • Yes, Denise, I am beginning a Sweat Your Prayers November 8th 2018 at the Firehouse Performing Arts Center in Bellingham, WA
      7-8:30pm $15

    • Yes, I am beginning a Sweat Your Prayers November 8th 2018 at the Firehouse Performing Art Center 1314 Harris Ave. Bellingham, WA
      Email me for more info.

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