Expressive arts for an embodied world

Welcome to Scotty Lewis.com. I am pleased to offer my services to you as you explore personal and professional growth through expressive arts.

Our bodies carry our entire life experience. The intermodal process of expressive arts offers practical tools for discovering, understanding, and integrating as positive resources the themes, patterns, and stories that shape—and are shaped by—this life experience.

I work with expressive arts tools such as drawing, movement, writing, and performance to help individuals activate, integrate, and creatively resource their lived experience from a place of curiosity and inquiry.

The processes that I use are appropriate for individuals and groups—from men and women struggling with personal issues seeking to deepen their aliveness, to corporate executives who want to bring out the creativity and resourcefulness of their teams.

Whether expressive arts are new to you or you’re a longtime practitioner, my support will help you more expansively and authentically incorporate creativity and embodied expressiveness into your personal and professional life.


Enlivening ourselves through movement and creativity